We’re Driving You to More than Just Your Next Stop

At Pace, were not just driving you to the next stop. With 210 routes operating in 284 municipalities, Pace is committed to providing service that not only saves you time and money but creates a better community and a more sustainable world.

We’re Driving You to Next-level Savings and Productivity

Most Pace rides cost just $2 each way with a Ventra card or $2.25 with cash, making our buses the most affordable mass transportation option in the Chicago suburbs. When you ride with us, you get dependable service with real-time bus tracking, express routes, and access to WiFi on most Pace buses. With uninterrupted time on board, you can crack open your favorite book or catch up on emails before you even get to work.

We’re Driving You to a Greener Future

At Pace, all of our services work to reduce the number of cars on the road and reduce travel times for commuters, thus lowering carbon emissions overall. We’re committed to our community by introducing sustainable initiatives that help us take environmental responsibility. When you ride with Pace, you’re supporting our efforts to create a better tomorrow.

We’re Driving You to Stay Connected

Pace provides everyone in the community access to a safe, affordable, convenient ride by connecting riders to a range of inclusive services to fit specific needs. With an innovative approach to public transportation and technology like ramps, lifts, audio and visual stop announcements, and route identification, we’re fully accessible for all of our riders. Whether it’s work, school, important appointments, or social events— Pace will get you there.

At Pace, our destination is wherever you’re headed. Because we don’t just go from A to B.
We go the extra mile with services that connect communities, technology that creates a better tomorrow, and innovations that drive your life forward. At Pace, we’re driven for you.

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“With uninterrupted time on board, you can crack open your favorite book or catch up on emails before you even get to work.”

Picture of bus with text are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a pace commute

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A Ride for All: Find Your Pace

With a range of inclusive services, we’re driven to provide a convenient and affordable ride for everyone in our community. Use this guide to find your Pace.


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5 Simple Steps to Become a Pace Pro

First time riders, we got you covered! Check out this guide before taking your first ride.


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Tropical Takeover

Grab your shades, ditch your winter coat, and get ready for sunshine! We’re giving riders a chance to win an escape to a Sandals Luxury Included®️ Resort!