Your Bus Ride Guide:
How to Ride on Pace Like a Pro

First time riders, this how-to is for you. Check out our guide to for everything you need to know before taking your first bus ride. From finding your route to getting to your destination, we’re here to make your first ride as smooth as possible!

Step One: Find your route.

You can find your route by downloading the Ventra app or visiting our website.

Once you’ve identified your route, you can look up arrival times using the CTA bus tracker or the Ventra app. Next, make your way to the indicated bus stop a few minutes before the estimated bus arrival and wait for your Pace bus to arrive.

Step Two: Hop on for your ride.

Once the bus arrives, make sure the destination sign on the front of the bus matches your route instructions. If so, hop on the bus, say hello to your driver, and pay using cash or your Ventra card.

If you’re unsure, you can always check with the bus driver. They’re happy to assist, so you can confidently get to your destination with ease.

Step Three: Ride to your destination.

Once you’re on board, find a comfortable seat then sit back, relax, and cue up your favorite podcast or crack open a good book — you can do what you want with your time on Pace.

Step Four: Listen for your stop.

During your ride, each stop will be announced and listed on the digital screen at the front of the bus. When you hear your stop, pull the string above the window to notify the bus driver.

Step Five: Hop-off at your desired destination.

Once the bus has come to a complete stop, head to the exit, give your driver a friendly wave goodbye and step out safely at your location.

Group of people talking on the bus

“From finding your route to getting to your destination, we’re here to make your first ride as smooth as possible!”

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