Pace for All: Find Your Pace

At Pace, we’re connecting you to a range of inclusive services designed to fit your specific needs. Not sure which ride is right for you? Let us help you find your Pace.

Pace Fixed Route

Our fixed-route service is our most popular line of buses on the road. This service runs on set schedules along designated routes. Each bus is fully accessible with ramps, priority seating, wheelchair securement areas, and automated audio and visual route identification and stop announcements. With more than 200 convenient routes across 220 communities, our fixed route will get around Chicagoland with ease for just $2 each way.

Pace Pulse

Pulse is our newest and most innovative service on the road. Part of our rapid transit network, Pulse uses the latest technology and a streamlined route design to provide fast, frequent, and reliable service to Chicagoland’s heavily traveled areas. Riders can enjoy this express service, plus state-of-the-art amenities, like free WiFi and USB charging stations on board, for the same price as our fixed route.

Pace On Demand

On Demand will take you from your door to your destination for just $2 each way. This reservation-based, shared-ride service is available to everyone riding within On Demand’s eleven zones. To see where each zone is located, visit Simply call or book your reservation online at least one hour before – and up to 7 days in advance of – your desired pick-up time. Remember to be ready at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time, and you’ll be good to go!

Pace ADA Paratransit

Paratransit makes pre-arranged trips for riders whose disability or health condition prevents them from using Pace fixed route services. This reservation-based service welcomes passengers who have been certified for ADA Paratransit service and book their ride in advance. Drivers are happy to help passengers on and off the bus, but they can’t physically lift passengers or carry their bags. For passengers who need a little more assistance, their certified PCAs can come along for the ride, free of charge.

Pace Express

Pace Express is our most direct service. As the only bus to operate on a shoulder or flex lane to and from the city, Pace Express will get you out of traffic and on your way in far less time than it would take you to drive yourself. With limited stops and routes designed with efficiency in mind, you can go further, faster.

From fixed route to paratransit and On Demand, Pace is proud to offer a ride for everyone. Now that you’ve found your Pace, it’s time to get on board and get on your way!

Man getting off the bus

“With more than 200 convenient routes across 220 communities, our fixed route will get around Chicagoland with ease for just $2 each way.”

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